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10 Unique Activities To Do On One Happy Island

Aruba aka One Happy Island is only 19 miles long by 6 miles wide so you may think that there isn't much to do on this little Caribbean island... Well... You'd be wrong!

This tiny gem has an abundance of activities and here we will show you ten of the most unique things to do during your trip to Aruba.

Source: Skydive Aruba


Adrenaline junkies will love this activity! Take to the skies in a Cessna 182 and then free fall above the happy island! You can enjoy the view of the turquoise crystal clear water and white sandy beaches from 10,000ft at a speed of 120 miles per hour! If this sounds like your idea of fun check out Skydive Aruba for more info!

Source: Isla Aruba Tours


The best way to see the whole island in one day is with a local tour guide and Isla Aruba Tours is our absolute favorite! This small family owned tour company really knows every inch of the island and they strive to give the most local experience possible. If you want to discover Aruba like never before ask them for the "Secrets of Aruba" tour... Trust us, you won't be disappointed!


Picture yourself relaxing on a soft cosy blanket, feasting on fresh tropical fruits, fine cheeses and charcuterie, sipping on Mimosas and enjoying the view of the Caribbean Sea...

This is Picnic Aruba, a luxury picnic provider on One Happy Island offering amazing picnic set ups to families celebrating birthdays, couples on their honeymoon and groups of best friends who want to do something unique on vacation. We opted for the breakfast picnic but they also host picnics at sunset too. Check out their website and make your reservation quick... They book up fast and often have a waiting list!

Jolly Pirates Aruba


Ahoy matey! Fancy swigging some rum punch and then swinging from a rope in to the Caribbean Sea? That's exactly what we did on board the Jolly Pirates! This super fun boat trip is a must if you are looking for a boat tour with a difference. The staff are so friendly and the atmosphere is all about the "good vibes on the tides". They even have a special offer where you can "Buy the Boat" and rent it privately for the day!

Check them out here:


It might surprise you to learn that Aruba is actually a dry arid desert-like island. Once you leave the bustling resort of Palm Beach and head inland you will discover cactus and large boulders dotted along the landscape. Head in to Arikok National Park and hike one of the many trails either by yourself or with a local guide. Explore the rugged terrain and it just might lead you to hidden beaches, caves or some abandoned forgotten ruins. You will probably spot birds of prey, iguanas, snakes and the Shoco, a native burrowing owl that is the national bird of Aruba during your trek.



If you love the salt life then Aruba has something for everyone... Kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kitesurfing and our personal favorite... Jetskiing!

Both Palm Beach and Eagle Beach have a good choice of watersport companies lined up just waiting for you to choose which activity you feel like doing that day. With so many options this will surely keep every family member entertained.


Capturing your vacation memories with a fun family photo shoot is highly recommended. We contacted Edrick Krozendijk, an extremely talented local photographer, videographer and content creator and asked him to join us on Flamingo Beach for a shoot. He was a pleasure to work with and we are so happy with the edited photos. We definitely got some frame-worthy snapshots that we will treasure forever. If you are visiting Aruba soon and would like to book Edrick use our special code: SALTLIFE to get $10 off your photoshoot.

Butterfly Farm Aruba


Surround yourself amongst the tropical flora and fauna of Aruba's Butterfly Farm and wait patiently for one or more of these delicate colorful winged creatures to come and gently land on your shoulder, head or even your nose! If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of resort life for one or two hours then definitely check out the Butterfly Farm and enjoy all the peace and tranquility it has to offer.

Flamingo Beach Aruba


A once in a lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with the famous pink exotic birds that you've probably seen all over Instagram. For full details on how to find them click here.

Aruba Mural Tours


Take a drive down to the "Sunrise City" and explore the colorful streets of San Nicolaas.

The walls are adorned with decorative murals painted by a collection of both local and international artists. We had such a fun time strolling in search of these unique pieces of art. Our favorites included the huge pink flamingo and the angel wings.

Book a guided tour with Aruba Mural Tours and learn all about the history of the Street Art Capital of the Caribbean.

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