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We are The Salt Life Family – Monty, Cari, Kennedy & Maddy.


We picked the name @thesaltlifefamily because 99% of our travel invoices white sand beaches and a gorgeous ocean. We are happiest where our toes are sandy, hair is salty, and the water color is 50 shades of turquoise.


We love scuba diving, boat trips and listening to our island playlist. We believe in building stronger family bonds through travel.

Our family motto is to "collect moments, not things".

We crave the ocean, beautiful beaches, and any island adventures. We prefer to immerse ourselves in the local culture and roam off the beaten path.


We absolutely love sharing travel tips and information in hopes you will be inspired to make the most of your next family vacation.

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We have been married for 24 years. We both work full time in Oklahoma. Monty is the family comedian & our rock. He is WAY outnumbered by lots of oestrogen. He loves Redsox Baseball, OU football, Thunder Basketball and catamarans.

Cari, that’s me, and most of the time I run this page. I’m addicted to trip planning and never go anywhere without a camera. Spending time with my family as we explore new destinations is my absolute favorite activity.



Hi I’m Kennedy! I am currently working full time at a bio pharmaceutical lab whilst studying at college for my nursing degree. I would love to become a traveling nurse that way I can combine two of my favorite things; traveling and caring for people! Some of my favorite places my family has traveled to are Belize and Virgin Islands. A bucket list place I want to see is Tahiti and I hope that one day my family and I will be able to see it!

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Hi I’m Maddy, baby of the fam :) I’m a competitive dancer and have been for 16 years. I’m also a senior. My favorite place my family has traveled to is Exuma because we swam with nurse sharks and pigs. One place I would love to go to is the Maldives and Bora Bora. You can find me in the studio dancing or on the beach!

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