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Top 10 Free Activities in Aruba

We all love a good deal and a bargain.... But we love FREE things even more, don't we?!

Check out our list of the TOP 10 FREE things to see and do whilst visiting One Happy Island....

1. Ayo Rock Formation

These monolithic boulders are located towards the center of the island.

When you stand at the base of this gigantic rock formation you will truly be in awe! If you thought Aruba was just white sand beaches, you will be surprised when you venture inland away from the coastline and discover this once sacred sight.

For those who are feeling a little adventurous, navigate the pathways and make the climb to the top. There you can enjoy the view whilst taking a moment to appreciate the peace and tranquility of this unique environment.

2. Baby Beach

One of the most famous beaches in Aruba can be found at the southern most tip of the island. Less than a one hour drive from the resort area, it is most definitely worth a trip.

It's best known for it's crystal clear shallow waters where you can wade across the lagoon and take a refreshing dip to cool off from the hot Aruban sun.

This pristine half-moon shaped bay is popular with both locals and tourists alike, and after just a few minutes here you will see why.

3. Bushiribana Gold Mine Ruins

This former gold smelter is a reminder of Aruba's rich past. Standing now as a ruin, it makes you think back to how life must have been on the island back then. Gold was first discovered in 1824 and this marked the start of Aruba's gold rush. Over 3 million pounds was produced over the years and this no doubt helped play a role in shaping Aruba as the island we all know and love today.

Make sure you wear some sturdy footwear and head inside to climb these historic ruins for a stunning view of Aruba's rugged north coast.

4. California Lighthouse

If you came for the views then this is THE place to see!

Located on the northwestern tip of the island in the area known locally as "Hudishibana" the vantage point of this historic lighthouse ensures a panoramic view of Aruba's beautiful coastline.

If you are brave enough you can even climb to the top and take in the breath-taking 360 degree view for a small fee of $5 per person.

5. Feed the donkeys

En route to Baby Beach make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the wild donkeys that roam freely around the neighborhood of Seroe Colorado. The wild donkeys have resided in Aruba for hundreds of years and this is one of the only places left where you can see them in their natural habitat on the island.

TOP TIP: Pick up a bag of carrots from the local store and stop to feed them.

6. Murals in San Nicolaas

Take a drive down to the "Sunrise City" and explore the colorful streets of San Nicolaas.

The walls are adorned with decorative murals painted by a collection of both local and international artists.

We had such a fun time strolling in search of these unique pieces of art.

Our favorites included the huge pink flamingo and the angel wings.

7. Snorkeling

Aruba is perfectly positioned in the Caribbean Sea so it goes without saying that snorkeling is a must when visiting the happy island. The turquoise blue water is teeming with bright colored tropical fish, stunning coral and if you are lucky you may even encounter a tortuga (sea turtle) or two! Our top snorkel spots include Malmok, Baby Beach and Mangel Halto.

8. Tres Trapi

You can find this tiny sandy cove nestled between the rocky coastline just a few hundred meters north of Malmok. Here you can take the "Three Steps" down to the waters edge and be mesmerized by the beauty that lays beneath the clear aqua water. This location is great for snorkeling and you can often spot sea stars on the sea floor. A truly magical place that any salt-water enthusiast will adore!

IMPORTANT: Please do not touch, disturb or remove the sea stars.

9. Voluntourism

Volunteering is the most amazing way to immerse yourself in to another culture. It is a great way to connect with locals, contribute to the community you are visiting and really make a difference. Plus it's way up there at the top of the chart to making yourself feel good. We heard Aruba has an overwhelming stray dog population and being animal lovers we knew we wanted to get involved somehow. We brought dog treats to donate, spent a morning meeting some of the strays and we even got to take one rescued dog, Phoenix, for a walk along Baby Beach.

Next time we visit Aruba we plan on spending a day at Luna Foundation to help out at their safe haven. If you want to combine volunteering and tourism, get in touch with Luna Foundation to find out how.

10. Watch the sunset

Aruba showed us some of the most spectacular sunsets we've ever seen. No matter where we were on the island, watching Mother Nature work her magic did not disappoint us at all!

Standing barefoot on the beach, listening to the waves kiss the shore whilst watching the sun dip beneath the horizon was the best free activity we got to witness every single evening.

We never did get to see the elusive "green flash" so I guess that means we will just have to book another trip and return to Aruba, right?!




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