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A Quick Guide To Negril

This laid back town on the western side of Jamaica is the perfect destination for you if you love miles of white sandy beaches, calm turquoise waters and beautiful sunsets.

We experienced total relaxation and adventure during this trip and would recommend Negril to any beach lover who is looking to escape the crowds and unwind.


The best time to visit is November to mid-December. That's when the island's already beautiful weather (ranging from mid-70s to the high 80s all year-round) is the most pleasant and the hotel and flight deals are the easiest to find.

Rates are also cheap during the summer, but you'll risk hurricane season.

January to March is the peak travel season to the island. Room rates and flights can spike.⁣


THE ROCK HOUSE - @rockhousehotel

Rockhouse Hotel is an incredible chic boutique hotel in Jamaica, perched upon the scenic cliffs of Negril’s west end.

This award-winning hotel sits on eight acres of lush, tropical gardens and features world-class dining, spa and wellness programs 🌴

SKYLARK - @skylarknegril

Located on Negril’s iconic Seven Mile Beach, with a retro tropical design, the 28-room resort Skylark Negril Beach Resort is the sister property to the town’s beloved Rockhouse Hotel. We enjoyed lunch at the internationally renowned @misslilys restaurant too.  Free daily shuttle between properties.


Blue Mahoe at @oceancliffhotelja

The Blue Mahoe Restaurant is located on the West End cliffs overlooking the magnificent blue azure waters of the Caribbean Sea. It is seaside dining at its finest! Catch the most stunning sunset views in Jamaica and relax to the sights of Seven Mile Beach in the distance.

Pushcart at @rockhousehotel

Pushcart is the Jamaican home-style kitchen reinvented. The restaurant serves traditional Jamaican fare from classic jerked chicken, pork and fish and peppered shrimp to curried goat and oxtail. Accompaniments include bammy, fried plantain, festival and rice and peas. The bar serves up great local beverages and the Caribbean’s finest rums.

Miss Lilys - @misslilys at @skylarknegril

⁣Step off of the white sands of Seven Mile Beach and into Miss Lily’s at Skylark Beach Resort, the first Jamaican outpost of the Caribbean oasis born in the heart of New York City. Miss Lily’s at Skylark embodies the best elements of its New York counterparts – a modern approach to classic island cooking, friendly and cool as-can-be staff, and vibrant and colorful atmosphere.

3 Dives Restaurant

⁣We had an incredible authentic Jamaican cuisine on the West End cliffs of Negril at the world famous 3 Dives Jerk Centre. Located right on the sea on Jamaica's western most point. Our favorite was the savory Jerk Chicken or and fabulous seafood including Caribbean lobster!

○ How does a romantic dinner in a cave sound? Yes, that's right... A cave! The restaurant at the The Cliff is a dining experience like no other. For a truly unique and memorable evening we highly recommend @thecliffjamaica

Rick’s Cafe

Rick’s Cafe ~ is one of Jamaica’s most famous hot spots. It’s actually a bar and restaurant, but most people go there for heart-throbbing cliff jumping, and breath-taking sunsets!

Office Of Nature - @OfficeOfNature_official The Office of Nature is a beachfront restaurant nestled on the banks of the Bloody Bay. Fresh lobster on the beach⁣ doesn't get better than this!


TIKI PON DA SEA - @tikipondasea

Lunch 🇯🇲Cruise 🦞 to Booby Cay Island on a Floating Tiki Bar?  Hands down the best lobster we have ever had.  You won’t find any fresher!  Grilled to perfection!  This is the experience you must try!

YS FALLS - @ysfallsjamica

Seven breathtaking waterfalls.  A natural pool, fed by underground and above ground springs and an exhilarating zip line tour, that glides from the top of the falls to its base.

Floyd’s Pelican Bar⁣

~ A tiny bar made of driftwood stilted on a huge sandbar about ¾ mile out in the Caribbean Sea. It’s located off Parottee Bay on the South Coast of Jamaica.

Blue Hole Mineral Springs⁣

The Blue Hole Mineral Spring sits 24 feet below the ground in a cavernous opening completely encased by Karst limestone. The natural mineral water in the spring is 35 feet deep.  Some daredevils jump 22 feet into the spring, others climb in using a safe iron ladder.

Are you a daredevil or more cautious when going on adventures?  We are a house divided.

Benita River Falls⁣

Benita River Falls is a family-owned business found in the lush verdant outskirts of Savanna-La-Mar, Westmoreland. The property features a beautiful river with seven small waterfalls flowing underneath tall bamboo trees and other tropical plants which filter out the piercing afternoon sunlight to cast a cool viridescent glow over everything. What’s lovely about this gem is the owners’ commitment to sustainable tourism. Very little has been done to modify the grounds, and the few surrounding buildings and staircases are eco-friendly.


🏖 Seven Mile ⁣Beach

🏖 Bloody Bay⁣

🏖 Booby Cay Island⁣

🏖 Half Moon Beach⁣


We do not recommend renting a car. There are many amazing taxi/tour companies. Driving can be crazy. Best to let the locals drive. We used @yardman_tours and @shorty_tours_jamaica ⁣during our trip.

We had such an amazing time staying in this laid back Jamaican town and we definitely recommend it to all our friends. Will you be putting Negril on your bucket list?


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