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Exuma Bucket List

If you love the salt life as much as we do, Exuma is a MUST!

Check out our top ten things to see and do on our EXUMA BUCKET LIST and let us know which ones you have done or would like to do...

1. Discover Sand Bars -

LOCATION: Moriah Harbour Cay National Park⁣

⁣Stretching across 27,000 acres between Great and Little Exuma, Moriah Harbour Cay National Park is a collection of small islands, cays, rocks, and shallow reefs, all serving as natural barriers protecting the mainland from the relentless wave energy of the Exuma Sound. MHCNP offers stunning sand bars, powder beaches, and mangrove creeks.⁣

2. Search For Starfish -

LOCATION: Starfish Beach, Stocking Island

The perfect place to visit to see an abundance of starfish, especially at low tide. Pop on your snorkel gear and wade out in to the shallow crystal clear waters and prepare to be amazed by these beautiful sea creatures.

3. Meet The Famous Swimming Pigs -

LOCATION: Big Major Cay or White Bay Cay

This is perhaps one of the most Instagrammable things to do and no trip to Exuma is complete without a visit to swim with these world famous pigs!

No one really knows for sure how these pigs ended up on this uninhabited island; one story suggests they were left by sailors who planned to return to cook them, the other is they swam to shore from a nearby shipwreck. Either way, these cuties are currently living their best life!

4. Bask On The Beach With Stingrays -

LOCATION: Chat n Chill, Stocking Island⁣

Feeding the friendly stingrays that hang out at Chat'n'Chill is an absolute must! Just sit in the shallow water and wait for them to come and say hello. It's an unforgettable experience to be so close to these loveable sea creatures, a memory that we will treasure forever.

5. Get Up Close With Nurse Sharks -

LOCATION: Compass Cay

Would you take the plunge and dive in to shark infested waters?

Here are Compass Cay you can do exactly that!

The marina at Compass Cay is part of the Exuma Cays and its naturally protected harbor makes it the ideal home setting to many nurse sharks. Their docile nature means you can happily swim alongside them and get they all important snapshot for your Instagram!

6. Swim With Sea Turtles -

LOCATION: Hooper’s Bay

We visited Hoopers Bay by boat but there is also road side access and a path that leads to the beach. Head towards the two docks and between them you will find a colony of turtles happily swimming around waiting for you to hang out with them.

Beware... Even though they are friendly they are also curious and could possibly give you a little nibble!

7. Feed Iguanas -

LOCATION: Bitter Guana Cay

This tropical oasis is home to a population of critically endangered species of iguana.

These pre-historic reptiles have been roaming freely on this land for 3 million years!

Sadly due to human threat their population has been rapidly declining so hurry up and visit them on your next trip to the Exumas before they become extinct!

8. Play The Piano... Under The Sea!

LOCATION: Rudder Cay

Underwater the sculpture is in about 13-15 feet of water off of Rudder Cay, which is just south of Musha Cay, Exuma. This a sunken statue of a mermaid lounging next to a piano. The sculpture is officially named “The Musician” and was created by the artists Jason DeCairnes Taylor.⁣ The mermaid, waiting to play, is made from pH neutral cement to encourage marine growth.”⁣

From Great Exuma you need a professional tour company to take you to the piano. It is located about an hour and a half from Great Harbor Exuma.

We highly recommend Reel 'Em In 242.

9. Treasure Hunt For Sand Dollars -

LOCATION: Coco Plum Beach

Located in the northeastern section of Great Exuma, this white-sand beach is dotted with beautiful palms that provide shaded areas. It is also known for great shelling and you can find sand dollars galore during low tide.

10. Take A Sunset Cruise -


Step on board the largest catamaran in The Bahamas for a fun-filled evening of cocktails and karaoke as you cruise around the harbor and watch the sun go down.

After a day spent exploring the cays and sand bars we wanted to let our hair down and unwind and Da Secret was the perfect way to end the day!

Serving up cocktails made with local rum and traditional Bahamian food, this booze cruise was just the party we had been looking for. We danced under the stars on the deck to karaoke classics and island style music making it a night to remember.



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