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7 Reasons To Visit Anegada

This British Virgin Island is known for it's secluded beaches and stunning coral reefs and is an absolute must - visit for any island lover or saltwater enthusiast.

Here's seven reasons why you should add Anegada to your bucket list now!

1. Visit Loblolly Bay, ranked as one of the world’s top beaches⁣

2. Check out the large salt pond that hosts 100's of flamingos. Tip = bring binoculars⁣

3. Rent a Moke and explore the island⁣

4. Take a look at Conch Shell Island⁣ - a man made pile of conch shells (carbon dated to the 13th century) believed to be tossed there by fisherman many years ago.

5. Try the delicious Caribbean Anegada lobster⁣

6. Horseshoe Reef, the largest barrier coral reef in the Caribbean⁣ teeming with wildlife is the perfect to snorkel.

7. Spend the day at Cow Wreck Bar⁣ - great food and drinks and even better views!

Will you be adding Anegada to your bucket list?



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